About XO

We invest in, build and deliver successful solutions.

Our planet is in dire need of major sustainable innovations for health care, nutrition and the environment, as well as their swift implementation. Time has run out for us to rely on too many incremental/small innovations around us.

XOventure specializes in developing radical innovations with the potential to make a major impact on the world and its people. Since 1996 numerous new companies have been founded, incubated and developed to market and/or exit under management of XOventure’s serial entrepreneurs, high-ranking international experts and executives.

We want to:

  • Save and improve lives while creating solid businesses.
  • Engage in companies and projects where we can take the lead and help management and investors accelerate toward the main value creating milestones.
  • Address the health care needs of the world by radical new innovations in order to deliver significant and sustainable value. We do NOT engage in incremental innovations.
  • Answer core strategic questions in detail early on to avoid wasting time and resources later.
  • Avoid project “inbreeding”, thus XOventure source globally high-ranking experts, successful serial entrepreneurs and executives that are the perfect fit for the task at hand.
  • Develop products for global markets by cross-functional, high-performing international teams.
  • Work with later stage investors as well as potential exit partners early on.
  • Create more value by our “hands-on” approach; many talk while we do it, again and again.
  • Create success and health!

Why contact XOventure?

You have:

  • A radical idea or invention that deserves the best chance.
  • An organisation/project that needs to be organized for growth and success.
  • The capital to invest with us in projects that make a sustainable impact.
  • A serious medical condition and want us develop or find a new treatment. Patient-driven innovation often supersedes research-driven innovation, as there is urgency and a clear target.
  • A (prospective) partner that is going to perform due diligence on your organisation/project.
  • Entered partner negotiations and want the best possible agreement and partnership.
  • A company that missed or is likely to miss its milestones.
  • Delivered and want to have the best exit.