Urinary Infection in Kids

Everyday medical issues: Normal urinary infection, children.

by “Dr. T.”

The cause of urinary infection can be many, but most often E.coli bacteria from the child or from the surroundings (toilets, other children etc.). The symptoms can be the same as in adults, and the treatment is the same: high intake of water to flush the system regularly, cranberry juice may also help and improved hygiene (teach and find ways to reduce fecal bacteria contact as the children often self infect) and use skin friendly soap. More serious and persistent cases are treated with antibiotics, and for recurrent problems even with antibiotic prophylaxes (small dose before bed time). Ask your doctor to make a specific diagnose before antibiotic treatment! However, once we use antibiotics the risk for new infections are higher until a normal healthy microflora has been reestablished. The best is therefore to understand if this is a normal uncomplicated urinary infection and how best to prevent it.

411ed8c497961b9d6fadb5022dcca1a727966971_355x325 In normal harmless cases I would suggest high intake of water supplemented with cranberry juice, L.reuteri tablets or drops from www.Biogaia.com and the vaginal creme from www.elen.se (unfortunately this can only be ordered in Sweden) and improved hygiene and toilet training. Please also remember that too much cleaning can also destroy a healthy microflora. In doubt, always consult your GP!

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