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Natural fertility testing

Everyday medical tools: The fertility tester for pregnancy or contraception.

by “Dr. Be.”, April 2016

In a time of longer and longer education and more committed professional ambitions by many women, it has become important to be in charge of deciding when best to have a child. Hormonal contraception has risks and rewards, however, overall many women do not feel well when their natural system is in the grip of unnatural hormonal regulation. diagram1

One of the simplest and most effective natural ways of understanding the fertile days is by checking your saliva for the time of the “estrogen surge”, the characteristic surge in estrogen that occurs before you ovulate. This can be done under any microscope, but several providers have produced a neat little pocket microscope that looks like a box of lipstick, one of my favourites can be found here. For others, simply google “Fertility Tester”.

After enormous pressure from the pharma industry several years ago, these wonderful products were not allowed to actively be marketed for contraception, but only for helping with conception. One might think that it is obvious that a device that can do the one thing can also do the other, but fact is, this little detail has kept this method from getting the widespread traction it so deserves.

More details about the method can be found on the website above or on a YouTube video they made. What they are not mentioning though is that by using this device over several months and years, you will actually train yourself to become very aware of when your ovulation is about to happen – subtle signals your body is sending you will become incredibly “loud” and clear.


This article is inspired by my own experiences and those of numerous female friends I recommended this easy tool to.