Rigi.Care: A new private health consultation service.

Rigi.Care: Tomorrow’s Medicines Today.

August 2017

XOventure is developing, seed-funding and incubating a new private health consultation clinic to offer true personalized diagnosis and health care, helping clients to find the best solution, the latest know-how and the best doctors and treatment centers in the world. We strive for faster and better care for private clients that look for individual support and/or access to additional options.

For several years now XOventure has been receiving requests for services in this direction and has now decided to formalise this in a new project, and potential spin-out.

Rigi.Care collaborates with leading experts in all life science areas from universities, over biotech, medtech, diagnostic companies to hospitals and clinics around the world to move research and new treatments options forward faster. Newly acquired know-how, inventions and procedures are freely available to our collaborators for publication and use.

In our programs millenniums of medical wisdom augment modern medicine: Proven traditional practices can help unlock the enigma of chronic disease, effective prevention and solve simple ailments. Team members educated in clinical phytotherapy and traditional diagnostic methods from East and West add old wisdom to modern science and technology.

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